The future is exciting...

This weekend button light designed, installed and operated a dramatic moving light spectacle for Vodafone UK drone world record attempt at the Goodwood Festival of speed. Set on the Duke of Goodwood's personal race track, 40 powerful beams lit up the the track and sky in a programmed show of kaleidoscopic symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns creating a tunnel of light for the drone, up to speeds of 240mph, to travel traverse through. At the start stood a glowing red Vodafone truss structure lit with led panels and moving lasers. As the sun disappeared, the production team were mesmerised by the elegance of the show as the lights waved and rolled down the track in a mist of haze as the drone chased and danced around the beams in the air. 

haze, lasers, beams = light show madness
vodafone truss design
vodafone red future is exciting drone speed race